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     2004 - The Bahamas

     Professional Engineers      (Amendment) Act 2009

     Professional Engineers      (Amendment) Act 2006

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The Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas enacted the Professional Engineers Act 2004 to regulate and control the practice of professional engineering in The Bahamas. The Act established the Professional Engineers Board to administer the Act and regulate the practice of professional engineering in accordance with the Act.

The Professional Engineers Board (PEB) is comprised of seven Members appointed by the Minister of Public Works, all of whom are registered professional engineers. The Chairman of the PEB is elected by the Board Members. The Registrar is responsible for performing various Board functions, including (but not limited to) establishing and maintaining the Register of Professional Engineers which contains the list of all Professional Engineers who are duly registered and thereby authorized to practice professional engineering in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


The Mission of the PEB is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by:

• Requiring that anyone practicing or offering to practice engineering in The Bahamas be registered and continue to maintain professional competence;

• Ensuring that those entering the professional practice of engineering, or those using the title of Professional Engineer, meet standards of competency by means of education, examination and experience;

• Establishing standards of practice for those licensed to practice;

• Conducting or arranging for the conduct of an examination for the purpose of assessing the professional competence of individuals applying for registration;

• Ensuring engineers meet any specified continuing education and professional development criteria to maintain professional competence;

• Ensuring that safeguards against illegal, improper or unethical engineering practices are implemented;

• Advising the Government of The Bahamas of appropriate amendments to existing legislation that are required to ensure effective regulation and control of the profession;

• Enforcing the laws, rules and standards governing the practice of engineering, or the use of the title Professional Engineer, in a fair, expeditious and consistent manner.

REGISTRAR 2020-2022

• Mrs. Sonia Brown, P.E.- Chairman
• Mr. Lionel Turnquest, P.E.- Vice Chairman
• Mr. Carlos Palacious, P.E.- Member
• Ms. Melanie Roach, P.E.- Member
• Mr. Arthur Jones, P.E.- Member
• Mr. Quentin Knowles, P.E. – Member
• Mr. Julian Sawyer P.E.- Member

• Mr. Wellington Neely, P.E.